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Custom Home Vineyards®


DeVine Consultants provides Custom Home Vineyards® and complete vineyard installation and maintenance  throughout California.  Our Family of Vineyards is comprised of a wide assortment of private-estate growers.

Our production company is dedicated to providing high-quality vineyard services, from installation to harvest.

For aspiring and experienced winegrowers and winemakers anywhere, our consultations offer guidance and troubleshooting.  Vineyard in a Van is our boutique shopping service designed to fully equip any size operation. 

Our classes go anywhere and cover everything about grapes and wines.  Similarly, our publications range from the general to the esoteric about anything wine.


Microwinery is dedicated to making wine that reflects the vineyards where the grapes were grown.  Our wines are made in vineyard discrete lots.  As much as physically possible, one vineyard produces one wine, and efficiency be damned.  Prior to bottling, the microwinery crew has fun trying all kinds of vineyard blends to see what will be best, with preconceived notions not allowed.  Sometimes we go a little crazy and mix seemingly weird concoctions that surprise even us.  Whether a single estate, or a blend of plantings, we present each vineyard at its finest.

We are proud to say our wines are old-school, resisting the modern 'Mondovino' approach currently in fashion.  Minimum handling is our credo, as most manipulations further remove the wine from the vineyard.  Of course, our standards begin in the vineyard with balanced, healthy vines harvested at their peak of maturity.  One key we have discovered is that the smaller the vineyard, the less variation in the fruit.  The less the fruit is averaged, the better the resulting wine.  This is one of many reasons that small is big when referring to wine quality.


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